Welcome to Americans Against Terrorism. 

Begun in 2002 in Glendale, Colorado, Americans Against Terrorism was created to raise awareness of the dangers of terrorism as a tool to destroy both the culture and the freedom of the United States and the peace and safety of Israel. AAT strongly supports the free exercise of religion, the freedoms of assembly and speech, the rule of law, the sovereignty of an undivided Israel and the Constitution of the United States.

AAT is a Special Response Group whose purpose is to organize meetings, rallies, demonstrations, and educational pickets in support of America's and Israel's joint war against radical Islam and secular Arab terrorism.

We bring together concerned people of all backgrounds and provide lawful public expression of their common voice. It is a coalition of Jews, Christians, and concerned Muslims.  We actively promote events providing information on issues in the Middle East, as well as events for solidarity with Israel.



We also have a presence on Twitter and Facebook and look forward to communicating with you!